Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lunch Begone!

A (formerly) standard City Hall lunch banquet described by Toronto Life Magazine as, "...a bacchanal of extravagant delicacies: cheap-looking fruit platters, wraps and soggy sandwiches."

Mayor Rob Ford managed to get one of his major campaign promises completed today - a monumental opening salvo in a war against the vast and rotten soul of corruption that permeates Toronto city hall:

He cancelled councillor's lunches. For four years.

This will save, apparently, twelve thousand dollars a year. In a city of 2.48 million people, that will save each individual .0048 cents per year.

I'd say it's some kind of red herring, but it's far too tiny to be a fishie. Is some kind of inverse new theory of fiscal conservativism?

Next up: the great patriotic battle against paperclips, pencil sharpeners and sticky posts.

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