Monday, February 9, 2015

New Publicly Available Work By Mar... I mean, er, 2016

Trevor McNaughton beside the right panel of 'The Living' triptych, under construction.

May 2015 2016 should see the start of publicly available work from me, after quietly working on the last commissioned pieces I've been doing in private this last while. 

I've always felt it's good to break one's own rules, so I decided to break a deep, longstanding rule about accepting commissions .This isn't a rule I shouldn't have attempted to break. 
 It was valuable experience, a valuable negative one. Bluntly, I didn't feel I could see the commissions through to satisfaction  or, in some cases, start or finish them at all. I've had to call back and close commissions, something I never thought I'd have to do. It's been a hard spell.

I'm looking forward to showing you some good work as it comes through.


One step at a time!

Oych, sometimes things do get worse before they get better.

(working on a little 8x10" self-portrait)

That third one down looks like I just went through a windshield. In a fun kind of way.

Thank you in 2014

Thanks to The Advocate for two mentions in 2014: one in July 2014 profiling my work, and another at the end of the year. Special thanks to Christopher Harrity.
Also, it was great being asked to be in 'The Rawk Show' in Austin, Texas. When I saw I'd have my work hanging beside Phyllis Diller's that fatally sealed the deal! Thanks to The Romani Galley, The Rawk Show and especially Nathan James.

Hello there everybody:

Just a note about websites and all.

My official site is
It's regularly updated to show available work, and has a comprehensively-picked history of work that give a decent context of what I've worked on from 1995 until now.

I have a personal facebook page, and one for myself the public artist. I keep my friendship circle fairly tight, so if you want to the immediacy of facebook, following the public artist page is the best bet. My name leading it is James H. Huctwith.
It contains all the personal art information that is shown on my personal facebook page. Sometimes more.

If you hate, am ambivalent about or whatever you're reason, then of course there's this blog you're reading, Dainty Bastard. A google search might reveal stuff going on that even I don't know about! lol

Cheers, and hoping you are all having a good new year. Happy 2015!
James H