Saturday, October 17, 2009

2b Magazine Article

Thanks to 2b Magazine from Montreal which did a nifty and well-laid out article about my show. Aside from me saying manically overlongish quotes, there are reproductions of the Cold, The Disc Jockey, The Conversation and Knock Yourself Out paintings. Thanks fellas!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In The Interim


Dear Enraptured Readers:

I have to admit, this blog is hardly turning out to be a 'page turner', as they'd say in former days. Maybe a page scroller?. I haven't been reporting too much, because, well, really there hasn't been much overt to report.

I don't like typing about too many private things in public. I find this to be crucial to the work - if it is to be meaningful work, I've got to spend time not talking about it. It has to be nurtured silently.
This makes for a bit of a shortage of day to day items to type about.  I do like talking about things that go into concretely making up the paintings. But even this has to be done at intervals let all the quietly felt creative feeling that starts of a work gets frizzled up and away into conversation.

So - at least...well, here's what's up right now.

The show in Ottawa at La Petite Mort has closed, though Guy still has works of mine on hand. Thanks to everyone who cared enough to come out and see the show, and to those who bought work. That really is a tremendous support, and means a lot.

This means I'm going to have to get painting whole hog again - I've just had a few week's dawdle!

I've been discovering I'm hideous with deadlines though. I can hardly be said to have officially made it in under the wire for this last show with Guy - he was quite patient about it, bless.
I used to be good at deadlines, though. So what's up?
Well, the answers could probably go on forever. So, instead of trying to fuss and force myself into some unseemly contortions inventing new deadlines and striving to live up to them, I've decided to more or less just do away with dire deadlines for the foreseeable future.

I've catalogued all the frames, boards and canvas thingadoodles in my studio by name, type, number and size, and begun stretching frames in earnest. Thats about forty paintable surfaces.
The plan is to get the studio full of gorgeously stretched, gessosed and ready-to-paint gems that vertitably cry "Paint Me, James!".
Then , in a more relaxed mood...I shall let the oils, results, types and inspirations fall where they may.

Right now I'm painting some scenic traditional landscapes, actually. They're wonderfully relaxing.

Anyway, there's a bit of catch-up.