Monday, March 22, 2010

A Landscape Painting?!

Framed Witness
20 x 30 inches
Oil On Canvas
(at La Petite Mort Gallery)

I haven't done a proper landscape in a while. This one is very proper. So proper, upright and true, in fact, it could adorn just about any wall or room anywhere without ruffling a feather. Or lifting an eyebrow, or attracting a wayward glance. Tight! This is not usually my known way of working.

In a precise construction such as this (yes, slightly modified from reality) where is the room for the hearty commentary and invention to go? Nowhere but into the title, I'm afraid. But it fits.
Still, though heavy on the starch, I think this one came out of the wash OK. It's purty. It's neat as a pin. It's a bit seditious, like all super-nice things. Suspiciously suspect. And that makes me glad. Left me squinting, though.

Now, back off to "Angel No", for some restorative loosening....!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CS13 in Cincinnati!

the building

not my painting

Cincinnati's first LGBT Pride celebration is coming up, an gallery CS13 is having a show there at the same time called "Gasoline Rainbow"....and here's a list of participating artists. Ye gawds, I'm in it!

Thanks to Guy Berube (La Petite Mort Gallery) for presiding over my inclusion in this, and to Matt Dayler for having me along!