Monday, December 6, 2010

Kicking A Man Who's Down

Nice move, Smithsonian. Without even putting forward a token bit of resistance, you caved into the power bigots and betrayed the populace you claimed to serve.

It reads like the U.S. right-wing starting their "culture war" in earnest, back in 1989, except it's over twenty years later. Still the same war on the queer, the complicated, the debatable. Shitheaded political opportunists still scoring transient points off the murderous treatment of the different.
The artist, David Wojnarowicz, was protesting about this stuff the first time around - looks like they still can't take it.

There's a lot of protest out there about this one, which is heartening.

I know it's not the best of manners (when not plain daft) to criticize a country you don't even live in, and a the policy of a museum that you've never even attended. But - when someone's work touches your life, one doesn't have to be a local to feel the hurt when they are treated badly.

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