Sunday, January 31, 2010

Inspiring Drag Performances #1

Carlotta Gurl performing C'Mon A My House. Vancouver, 2007

This is comic drag of a very fine order indeed. Check her out here, where She busts out of disguise as Diana Prince, cavorts her wonder stuff around a Vancouver cafe, then runs out onto the street to apprehend a bus and gets into a catfight with a gun-toting evil-doer, all in short order!

Tandi Iman Dupree: "Holding Out For A Hero", Here

And the ever amazing Craig Russell....

Three New Paintings Up Soon At XeXe

a) At XeXe Gallery - I'll have three new works showing there at a group exhibition!

"Urban Artefacts "
February 13 – March 27, 2010
opening Saturday Feb 13, 2-5pm
A Group Exhibition featuring: Brian Harvey, James Huctwith, Vivian Lee, Sally McCubbin, Aaron Oussoren, Gregory Serpanchy

The three paintings that will be shown are the first three of a series I'm doing called "Angel No". They deal with a lot of things, but let's just say for now, they're in spectrally manufactured (urban) settings, they are heavily informed by a biblical residue of catastrophe, and they're not without a certain perverse cheer.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Vous Pourriez Détester Ceci #1

The Knife: We Share Our Mother's Health

Psychic TV: Force The Hand Of Chance

Werner Liebmann

I first ran into his work at Heffel Gallery in Vancouver back in - oh, 1994-ish - and was fascinated. Still am. I'm completely jealous of his marvellously evocative working style and the way it organically builds association on association, and still comes out somehow colourfully all making gorgeous sense. How does he do it?

"Figuren", 100 x 80; ÖL/LW; 2002

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wot's New?

a) I've left facebook.
It seemed to be the right time. The site was beginning to feel like a high school reunion - or worse, cafeteria lunch hour - that would never end.

b) In meagre compensation, I've got a simple little point-'n'-click website of my work pretty much ready to go. That should be online within a few weeks.

c) I'll be showing three new works at XeXe Gallery, Toronto, in February this year.

d) New paintings will continue to be sent to Galerie La Petite Mort Gallery.

e) Looks like 2010 is going to be a pretty serious year - in a good way. Plans for exciting new troubles, uncertain (though hopefully evolving) new work and beneficient new ways of living underway.