Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello there everybody:

Just a note about websites and all.

My official site is
It's regularly updated to show available work, and has a comprehensively-picked history of work that give a decent context of what I've worked on from 1995 until now.

I have a personal facebook page, and one for myself the public artist. I keep my friendship circle fairly tight, so if you want to the immediacy of facebook, following the public artist page is the best bet. My name leading it is James H. Huctwith.
It contains all the personal art information that is shown on my personal facebook page. Sometimes more.

If you hate, am ambivalent about or whatever you're reason, then of course there's this blog you're reading, Dainty Bastard. A google search might reveal stuff going on that even I don't know about! lol

Cheers, and hoping you are all having a good new year. Happy 2015!
James H

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