Sunday, December 1, 2013

Four Remaining Pieces.

I was glad that in this last month, three people took ownership of paintings of mine.

"Portrait Of A Man Leaving A Hospital" is away now, as is "Study Of James K."
Now, "Hard Slam" has also sold.

Thank you so much to the clients, for their interest and support.

4 paintings left. 
Available through me (the artist).

Roadside. 2011. Oil On Canvas. 22x28   asking $2000

Angel No. 2010. Oil On Canvas. approx 3-3/4 x 4-1/2 ft. asking $3600

Burn Up. 2003. Oil On Canvas. 22x28    asking $2800

The Miracle Of The Bread. 2011. Oil On Canvas. 20 x 30. asking $2200


So, I now have just five paintings left from before I took my painting sabbatical in late 2011, after my last solo show. That saw me leave all galleries for the first time, put the brushes down, pay attention to things that needed to be done and take actual - inner- time off from the work. It had been a constant occupation and unending frame of mind since 1995 and before.

It's been nearly two years now of intermittent work, suspended in long heavy periods of tense, self-berating waiting. Evidently I needed a break, and wait and work privately for new signs to go forward. I've felt that changes in the work have had to happen, but have not had confidence in my skills to feel I could bring them to proper use. However, now I've got new ideas.

Starting 2014:

-A series of larger flower abstracts begun, developing the theme and possibilities I found engrossing in 'This Is Helena' (2013). 
-A mix of smaller genre works - portraits, still lives, architecture and/or landscapes.
-The Inventions - which I consider my major works, my truest ones - the ones that deal most deeply with themes and situations in more imaginative and personal ways than genre work. These, I think, are the better art, but they are imaginative and technical labour....though immensely rewarding.

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