Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 2013

Fall arrives. When September first arrives, as if on cue, the skies take on a slate grey hue. Baking pies for practice against the coming cold. Comfort food, always good.

Struggling to finish the remaining commissions...

Morning in the studio. Wake up to work.


Back into night. And another morning follows - with the work right in front.

In the same rooms until nighttime.

Kitchen to studio - back and forth. More baking...pie making...between sallies.

Eating to sleep. Then morning light...

The coffee cup.

Wires and organization.

Mixing The Palette again. Figuring it out again.

Nagging Stacks.

Turps and metals. Then out for a stroll to destress after a client phonecall to repaint...

In the evening reflections.

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