Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Update

Work on the fall show for La Petite Mort is continuing, with sixteen paintings on the go in the studio. I expect twelve to fourteen of them to make it to the final cut. They are figurative, moody and deal with a theme I've detected I've been working on since 2003: psychology, and the modern world as laboratory.

Due to my 'year of tiredness' after a much needed medical treatment (thank you, excellent Canadian Healthcare!), I'm back up and running. It's been a good opportunity to get back from the work for a while and richly re-examine it.

Because my production has been so low this last year, KWT Contemporary has scarce received any new works from me. They do have two pieces of mine, currently. I was a bit concerned about this scarcity, so I had a good talk with the Manager there, and, wonderfully, she was great about it.
Although my focus is on the fall show for La Petite Mort right now, I will be beginning to produce work also for KWT this fall - and I am talking with them about the distinct possibility of a fall show in Toronto for 2012. That is very exciting.

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