Friday, January 7, 2011

One Can Dream...

I think Toronto would benefit from having:

a) A Planetarium

b) A lakeside honkey-tonk amusement park

c) A rival opera house

d) An official city circus and festival of oddities

e) A vast enclosed year-round public park, with a botanical garden

f) A giant wave pool

h) A permanent burlesque revue

i) A Winter Love Carnival

l) A mind-blowing year-round indoor skateboard park

j) A branch of the Tate, Guggenheim, Louvre or Prado (one or more)

k) A mythic history (one or more)

l) Intricate, intimate and winding streets, laden with fruiting trees, redolent of mystery

m) Harbour & Lake Waterborne Transit

n) A wild urban 'transit roller coaster' linking tourist sights

o) A monumental social generator for the arts, either in the form of an interior-spaced live-work skyscraper co-operative, or a massively refurbished Hearn Generating station

p) Over fifty percent of public video screen time dedicated to non-commercial citizen's videos and video art

q) Picturesque ruins

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