Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dear Enraptured Readers:

a) The "Urban Artefacts" show opened at XeXe Gallery. Many thanks to the gallery for asking me to be in the show, and for presenting the work so well. The opening was swell.

All photos courtesy of XeXe Gallery.

b) I was prepared to be all curmudgeonly about the Olympics. But now that they're here, aren't they fun?

c) The "Angel No" series continues apace (in case any of you are waiting with bated breath for more. Yes, er, working on it.) *cough*
Anyway, the first three of the series are hanging up at XeXe right now, and the next two large ones are off to Gallery La Petite Mort shortly. I'll have to sit down and write about what this rather serious group of work is about sometime - but right now, let's just say it's influenced by a invert's view of a few biblical myths, the black-matter meat of a hospital visit, late hardcore drug use, the energetic intelligence of killer viruses, the fallacies of hope, wholistic abstract transsexualist archetypes, the fog of prayer, appliance-assisted monasticism, celibacy and other zany stuff that would probably get me crashingly liberated right out into nonsense, could it be plainly stated.

d) On a somewhat unrelated note, LIFE magazine (never thought I'd mention them on here) has a nice profile of 44 famous literary drunks and addicts, here.

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