Tuesday, September 8, 2009

R & R...& Rrrrt.

Some views of my new show currently hanging up at La Petite Mort Gallery, "An Orgy Of Divergent Errors".

Dear Enraptured Readers:

Wonderful! - to have the pressures of getting ready for an opening lifted.

One of the strangest things to get used to in getting ready for this show opening was discovering that my 'working rhythms' are different than they were even a couple years ago. I'm more mistrustful of my impulsiveness, more certain about the way I can generally proceed, and, strangely, more willing to take some big unusual risks.

The biggest thing, however, was finding out that I'm working more slowly, and cautiously.

Finding I was working more slowly isn't a bad thing at all, but it did put the pressure on when the deadline for all the work was due, and I found I was suddenly behind in production. Happily, I had paced myself more steadily in preparation for this show, and the work was more modest and reasonable in size and necessary effort.

I've gotten bad with deadlines in the last few years, and had been overextending myself. Too much partying, back there. Bad scene. Yikes. Bad promises, and too much blind overreaching.
Being able to deliver on this show was a restorative pleasure. Guy Berube up at La Petite Mort had to kick my butt a tad to get me mobile and on date, but it all worked out to a good show opening.

Guy hung the show really well, and the opening night crowd wasn't horribly busy, and everyone was really enthusiastic. Happily we sold a solid number of pieces, which will go a long way towards alleviating my long-suffering grocery needs.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and all your support. Special thanks to Guy, too for putting in such a solid effort.

With the pressure of deadlines lifted, ideas for new pieces are beginning to form. That's a wonderful feeling. No hurry on these, though - I'm taking my time.
I want to do this next bunch right. I have an immensely soothing feeling something special's a-comin' up.

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  1. i wish i knew you were in town and had an opening. hope it went well